$$Thousands$$ in Prizes!

$$$$ Thousands of dollars in prizes will be given away! $$$$

$100 gift certificate from each shop totaling $1000.

The Grand prize winner for 2017 - Loreli Cichon from Cowpens, SC


Another successful Shop Hop has come to an end. There were over 650 participants. Many came as a "Four-Pack" and received a special prize at each shop. This year with a completed passport each person was given a thermal coffee travel cup - a nice treat for visiting all 10 stores.
There were 20 baskets given away this year valued at $250-$550. In addition, each store gave away door prizes as well as their own daily gift basket.
This year there was a fundraiser. Each participating store submitted their favorite recipes and were complied into the very first SHOP HOP COOKBOOK. They are still available for $14.99.




Remember, the more shops you visit, the greater your chances of winning.


(please see "How to Hop" for rules.)

We look forward to seeing you in 2018!